Saturday, March 21, 2009

Nekkid Barbies

A new post - WooHoo!

Someone dumped a whole bunch of used girl toys on us. Yay, more stuff! There were a couple of filthy and nekkid barbies in the pile. Anyway, I was so amused at my boy's general discomfort with the nude girl dolls that I stopped talking to them directly anymore and started talking to them through the barbies. I hold them by their feet and bob them around to emphasize what I'm saying in my high-pitched valley girl barbie voice. Think of the twins on "The Shining" only creepier. "Um, so like brush your teeth, okay?"

I think Sam has some rage issues we need to deal with. He was not amused at all.

I am sad to note that someone left the bathroom door open and Tori used the barbies to swish the toilet water around. I guess she was having a barbie hot-tub party. The dolls are drying off in the trash can outside and the boys are happy. For now. I am seriously thinking of collecting a bunch of barbies and hang them from the ceiling of their room. While they are sleeping.