Saturday, January 5, 2008

A Day In the Life of a Mom

Something funny I wrote down a few years ago - Enjoy!
Taking my kids to school this morning Drew, my second grader, asked me what sex is. I was completely unprepared for this. I thought I had another year of blissful ignorance but I guess it's true that kids are growing up faster these days.

In spite of growing up so fast, however, I got a call around lunchtime from the school nurse telling me that same kid has a story to tell. When Drew got on the phone he related to me how he had a ball bearing in his pocket he had brought from home. He was playing with it when he wasn't supposed to, got angry because he couldn't figure out his math problem and he accidentally swallowed the metal bearing. I'm not sure how being angry comes into play and I'm certainly puzzled how Drew could swallow an object he swore was not at any time near his mouth. Since the only real danger of choking on the object had apparently passed I told the nurse to send him back to class.

Between the sex question and the ball bearing story I had a flat tire I had to get fixed at a nasty tire shop. One of these days auto shops are going to figure out the brilliant marketing plan of having a clean bathroom. I mean, I would travel 20 extra miles to wait for my car to be rendered drive-able at a place with a clean bathroom. As it were I managed to hover while I relieved my screaming bladder. I guess it's good for my thigh muscles.

As I left the tire store and entered the freeway, my car started vibrating and threatened to come apart at the seams. I exited the freeway, did a u-turn and headed back toward the tire place just in time for my bladder to start complaining to me again.

Now I am home, my car back to normal and I'm writing myself a note so I won't forget to have Paul put Drew to bed tonight and answer any questions he may have. While he's doing that I have an appointment with Calgon and some chocolate. I figure difficult days are a lot like ball bearings - given time, they too will pass.

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Kindra said...

LOL...i really needed a good laugh today thank you so much for sharing that. I always love your stories!!!