Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Magic in the Morning

Because we were late getting in from the Houston Rodeo last Thursday night, I let the boys sleep in on Friday morning and was going to take them to school late. They are early birds, though, and got up just a little later than usual - too late to ride the bus but early enough for me to get them to school just before the tardy bell. It was cold morning with a steady drizzle falling on my windshield. Sam asked a funny question, “Mom, why does the rain go upward before it hits the car?” I had to look hard for a moment before I could see what he was talking about. As we drove down the road the rain would sometimes turn into snowflakes that would bounce off the cushion of air around the car before hitting the window and instantly melting.

Snowflakes in southeast Texas! What a sight! My kiddos were so excited because they have never experienced snow before. It was like the morning had been sprinkled with a little magic. We made a game out of looking hard for the elusive snowflakes. The closer we got to the schools, however, luck was on our side and there were very visible flurries right over the two campuses. The boys each got to get out and stand in the snowfall.

Their excitement at such a small amount of snow made me long to take them back in time to my childhood and let them experience actual snowfall. Ah, the memories of going to bed with high hopes after smelling snow on the night air and waking up to a difference in the light, rushing to the window to see our mundane yard transformed into a beautiful winter wonderland, pulling plastic sandwich bags over three pair of socks and stuffing it all into boots so we could go out to play. I want my kids to experience snowmen, snowball fights, snow-forts, snow-angels and the sweet comfort of hot chocolate while thawing their feet by the fire.

I guess it’s not to be since we live in Texas which is for the best, I think, since my memories of snow have only to do with sleds and snowmen and not with snow shovels and ice-scrapers. The best we can hope for here is the occasional appearance of the mysterious white stuff. It’s funny how something so small could change a cold miserable morning into something exciting for my kids but the morning was magical and we will always remember it.

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